3 Essential Factors to Consider while Designing your Bathroom

Date: 17 Dec 2015

Bathrooms have now become a place for relaxation and refuge. Gone are the days when people used settle for standard bathroom designs. Now, the designing of bathrooms has become as essential as that of a living room. Some of the thoughts that immediately come to our mind while designing a bathroom is how it will look, what kind of tiles it should have and also the kind of accessories we should get. But along with these factors there are 3 factors that cannot be ignored. Let us explore these factors and that are Lighting, Ventilation and Plumbing.

Lighting is essential for Design and Utility

Lighting is an essential part of your bathroom. It can also control the mood of your bathroom. You might want a dim soothing light while you are relaxing in the bathtub. Even designers will suggest you to go for a white light as it will help you to recognise skin tones accurately. One can also use dimmers or low voltage halogens. LED lights are very much in vogue. Low in electricity costs & ideal for soft lighting, back lighting,and the same fixture can even give different coloursbasically; the lighting in your bathroom should complement its design and should enhance its utility.

Right Bathroom Ventilation keeps you Healthy

Without right ventilation your bathroom can become a home for bacteria and various insects. Moisture and damp air can really affect your health and spread infections. Hence, while designing your bathroom, make sure that there is a good size l window for fresh air and a separate section for the exhaust fan. There are many new style and brands available in fans to complement your design and also you can use branded frames for windows to make them look elegant. While designing a bathroom one should treat ventilation as a priority.

Efficient Plumbing is a must for Efficient Bathroom

Efficient plumbing can result in minimum maintenance of the bathroom. It can also help in saving water if done properly. A very commonly found habit amongst people is that they leave these technicalities on the interior designer or the contractor. But they tend to forget that efficient plumbing and using high-efficiency plumbing fixtures will not only amplify the utility of your bathroom but also keep it beautiful and leakage free. So, if you put your conscious efforts into it, its outcome will be much more beneficial. AK DANUM with its 4 decades of experience believes that if you get the above 3 factors right, your Bathroom will be a beautiful part of your home.