5 Tips to Take Care of Your Bathroom Fittings

Date: 28 August 2015

The mirrors get foggy, shower enclosures develop stains and the faucets & accessories become dull. Bathroom accessories prove to be the handiest equipments, but if they are not properly maintained, they lose their effectiveness and sheen. Let's take a look at some simple tips to take care of your bathroom fittings.

Clean them Regularly
Most people do cultivate a habit of sweeping the floor after a bath, but accessories like shower enclosures also take a toll. Water sprinkled on shower enclosures, mirrors and other glass accessories develops stains on them which can become permanent. The easiest way is to just clean them with a rubber blade mop after every bath. This also helps in keeping the glass surfaces shiny and hence, maintaining the look of your bathroom.

Protect Steel Accessories
The important precaution to be taken about the Crome Plated accessories is to keep them dry. Though the C.P. finish resists stain for a long time, it might ultimately give in to constant contact with water. It is also impossible to wipe it every day, but the easiest solution is to take turns in the family. Another option is to at least carry out a thorough cleaning weekly.

Use Exhaust Fans
Moisture is the direct enemy of the quality of your accessories. As mentioned, the steel can corrode and even the glass gets foggy. The solution we usually implement is to keep the bathroom doors open after a shower. But that doesn't solve the problem entirely. Exhaust fans make your bathroom dry and hygienic. They also come with the added advantage of clearing off odour.

Use Quality Fixtures
The fixtures we use in bathrooms - faucets, shower drains, floor drains, showers - should be of uncompromised quality. Once the smooth functioning of these fittings is ensured, problems like clogging, odour and moisture are automatically restrained.

Carry Out Disinfection Routines
Bathrooms can quickly become the breeding ground for microorganisms. It is essential that you carry out complete cleaning, sanitisation or disinfecting periodically. This makes the bathroom germ-free and hence keeps the surfaces hygienic. Accessories remain safe to touch and use and do not lose their sheen easily.