Defogging Mirror Pads

AK Danum ProductsDefogging Mirror Pads

Working Principles

Mirror defoggers are self adhesive electrical heated pads that can be installed. At the back of any size or shape of mirror, defoggers are simple electrical heaters, engineered to warm the mirror. The warmth penetrates and clears the surface of the mirror.

Easy to fit

Peal off the cover and stick it to the back of the mirror. Connect the electrical cable.

Safe to use

Heating pads are double insulated. The heat is regulated and will never result in overheating even if left on for hours.


The running costs are minimal. An average cost between 5 to 10g per week.

Quickly warms

It takes 2 th 3 minutes to warm up and clear the surface of the mirror.


Just wire it into the light circuit.

Product Specifications

  1. Pad Thickness - 0.4mm
  2. Configured Voltage 12V. 24V, 110V-240V,50HZ-60HZ
  3. Average temperature rise : 10 celsius
  4. Wattage : 1.8 to 2.5W/m2
  5. Self adhesive strength : 0.5Kg/ cm2
  6. Self adhesive backing for ease if installation.
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