Why a mirror cabinet is a must?

Date: 20 Jan 2016

Bathrooms have transformed from being a mere utility to a luxury statement. They assume equal importance while redesigning or refurbishing the residential or commercial space. Although, tiles and fittings are the essentialities, a mirror cabinet enhances the beauty and utility of the bathroom space.

Usually some time is spent on the design of the tiles, the color, tile layout, the type of faucets and showers, etc. While tiles and fittings are probably the most crucial aspect of renovation, an often overlooked but equally useful item in a bathroom is the mirror cabinet. A cabinet ceases to be a look-spoiler if utilized and placed in the right way.

A mirror cabinet is usually located above the bathroom basin. A handy unit, it can act as a storage cabinet for a variety of items. Bathroom utilities and toiletries like shampoos, toothbrushes & paste, hand wash, body shower gels, etc. can easily fit into a cabinet, thereby freeing some space in the powder/dressing table. Moreover, it can also be used to store tissues or extra towels for guests. This is useful in keeping the bathrooms clutter-free, especially if the basin tops are quite small. The mirror cabinet can further be used as a multi-functionality space by storing medicines. This is strategic in keeping harmful medicines out of the reach of children.

The mirror cabinet can also be used as a vanity area. In a house full of guests, the cabinet can act as an extra mirror for the ladies and the gentlemen. A cabinet with a mirror is also a useful item when available space in the bedroom for a mirror or dressing table is less. This is mostly the case with all the new residential apartments. Less space means less area for a wardrobe and bed combined. A cabinet with a mirror would be blessing in disguise for such owners.

This type of unit looks compact and has many advantages. It helps in keeping the bathroom immaculately cleaned and combed giving the appearance of a large space and a groomed owner. On the same note, these cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. AK Danum, the largest provider of bathroom accessories, has a wide range of such cabinets in stainless steel for multiple kinds of uses. A mirror cabinet is not a would-like-to-have but a must-have utility of every bathroom.