Why our Bathrooms should be more Sensitive

Date: 10 Nov 2015

Do you remember Amir Khan's Satyamev Jayate's episode on people with disabilities? If you don't you should definitely pay a visit to it on their official website. This particular episode narrated how we as a society are not sensitive enough towards people with disabilities. This programme highlighted school and collage buildings, public transport and stations and government or private offices and how these are not at all disabled friendly or even convenient of elderly people. We have an addition to make here and that is of Bathrooms. Our Bathrooms whether they are in a hostel or a hotel, at a station, at a lodge or even at a home have to be sensitive enough to be useful to disabled as well as elderly people.

It's time to give them full consideration

We have recently celebrated the World Disability Day where we all spoke about their achievements and their struggle and applauded their efforts. But have we cared about making them truly independent. According to the United Nations, India's 7 to 10% of population suffers with some kind of disability. This figure comes to around 70 million people. Yet we do not give them full consideration. At any public or private place it is hard to find bathrooms and toilets that are disabled friendly and are in condition to be used by disabled people. It’s time we give them full consideration and start provide special services for them.

It's simple, easy and definitely doable

If you are wondering what will make a bathroom or washroom more sensitive towards disabled and elderly people, you can reflect on the problems they face. Skidding due to wet floors, difficultly in sitting and getting up or there is nothing to hold till they get to bathing area. All these can be easily addressed. One can surely keep the bathroom dry by using shower enclosures or even wiping off the water immediately after use. Secondly, installing grab bars or folding bars wherever necessary will definitely solve the remaining problems. See, isn’t it easy? We as a society can definitely help our 'specially abled' citizens as well as our elderly citizens to live life confidently, independently with full of self-respect. More sensitive bathrooms can definitely help them live that life! To know more about disabled friendly bathroom accessories contact AK DANUM.