Why a mirror cabinet is a must?

Date: 20 Jan 2016

Bathrooms have transformed from being a mere utility to a luxury statement. They assume equal importance while redesigning or refurbishing the residential or commercial space. Although, tiles and fittings are the essentialities, a mirror cabinet enhances the beauty and utility of the bathroom space. Usually some time is spent on the design of the tiles, the color, tile layout, the type of faucets and showers, etc.... Read More


5 Things We Learned From Chennai Floods

Date: 12 Jan 2016

Ironically, as country leaders and influencers debated over the climate change policy at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, Chennai reeled under the worst rains in 104 years. What began as relief from future drought, having seen less rainfall in 2015, terminated into flooding. As India watched and debated, life in Chennai came to an abrupt halt.... Read More


3 Essential Factors to Consider while Designing your Bathroom

Date: 17 Dec 2015

Bathrooms have now become a place for relaxation and refuge. Gone are the days when people used settle for standard bathroom designs. Now, the designing of bathrooms has become as essential as that of a living room. Some of the thoughts that immediately come to our mind while designing a bathroom is how it will look, what kind of tiles it should have and also the kind of accessories we should get. ..... Read More


Why our Bathrooms should be more Sensitive

Date: 10 Nov 2015

Do you remember Amir Khan's Satyamev Jayate's episode on people with disabilities? If you don't you should definitely pay a visit to it on their official website. This particular episode narrated how we as a society are not sensitive enough towards people with disabilities. This programme highlighted school and collage buildings ..... Read More


7 Smart tips to Save Water

Date: 24 Sept 2015

Nothing is more uncertain than a monsoon in India over the last few years. As we know, water cuts and empty dams are making all of us vulnerable to finally buy water. As our cities are growing with their infrastructure as well as population we'll need more water in coming years. So, it's high time we start saving water pro-actively. For a better future, let's be smart and take up every opportunity to save it like a fortune. Instead of going ..... Read More


Luxurious Bathrooms: The New Status Symbol!

Date: 12 Sept 2015

You may have heard the news last year that Saudi's king gifted his daughter an entire toilet made out of gold on her wedding. Isn't this unique? Have you ever thought of gifting a luxurious bathroom to someone, even to yourself? If you find this idea odd, then you haven't checked upon the latest trends that suggest that a crystal clean lavish bathroom has become the new status symbol! Easy availability of International brands, the rising spending power of the Indian middle class and the changing nature of socializing has definitely spurred random trends. ..... Read More


5 Tips to Take Care of Your Bathroom Fittings

Date: 28 August 2015

The mirrors get foggy, shower enclosures develop stains and the faucets & accessories become dull. Bathroom accessories prove to be the handiest equipments, but if they are not properly maintained, they lose their effectiveness and sheen. Let’s take a look at some simple tips to take care of your bathroom fittings Clean them Regularly Most people do cultivate a habit of sweeping the floor after a bath, but accessories like shower enclosures also take a toll. Water sprinkled on shower enclosures mirrors and ..... Read More


Dry Bathroom: Hygiene, Health and Safety

Date: 12 August 2015

The first word associated with a bathroom is water. So imagining a constantly dry bathroom is quite difficult. But apart from the heavy use hours in the morning, a wet bathroom is a dangerous prospect. When we look at the advantages of a dry bathroom, we should first know how a wet bathroom is hazardous. A few points to note are: The floors become slipperyand skiddy Constant odour rises from the bathroom There’s excessive wastage of water The fittings get stained with time Based on these drawbacks, the advantages of a dry bathroom are evident. Let’s see them in detail: ..... Read More



How Mizzle fits in Bathrooms of any size!

Date: 24 July 2015

Mr. Mehta was fed up of his wet bathroom. He was concerned about his children and his old parents who may get injured due to the constantly wet floors. But he was not able to solve this problem for two reasons. First he was under a misconception that his bathroom is too small and second, he thought it will take a lot of efforts to keep the bathroom dry.
Just like Mr.Mehta, many of you must have ignored the problem of wet bathrooms. Also, you must have refrained from installing accessories and fixtures that can improve your daily life. If there is any time to move on from the misconceptions, it is right now!..... Read More



How good bathroom fittings can save water

Date: 29 June 2015

Water conservation is often projected through complicated terms and extravagant policies. The fact is it begins at your home right from your bathroom. Little factors can be addressed through the right bathroom fittings and every drop can be saved
Leaking Taps: The dripping of water is like background music to many households. We've gotten so habitual to it that we hardly notice it. Subconsciously, we have somehow built a notion that water is ...... Read More