Luxurious Bathrooms: The New Status Symbol!

Date: 12 Sept 2015

You may have heard the news last year that Saudi's king gifted his daughter an entire toilet made out of gold on her wedding. Isn't this unique? Have you ever thought of gifting a luxurious bathroom to someone, even to yourself? If you find this idea odd, then you haven't checked upon the latest trends that suggest that a crystal clean lavish bathroom has become the new status symbol!

Easy availability of International brands, the rising spending power of the Indian middle class and the changing nature of socializing has definitely spurred random trends. One of them is having a luxurious bathroom!

When it comes to making a modern bathroom some extra expenditure and some smart decision are expected. People are ready to spend big bucks for a luxury bath depending upon the sophistication, size, material and type of technology which are being used.

While decorating a home is time consuming activity and for most of the people it is an investment of at least 10 to 15 years. Gone are the days when designing bathrooms was considered insignificant. As now you can easily find people in India spending almost equal money on their bathrooms like other rooms in the house to create ambience according to their taste and preference. The following reasons may highlight on why bathrooms have become a status symbol.

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